Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) has signed a contract for the development of a road programme concept in the vicinity of the new airport.

The contract was signed with Trakt z Katowic, and is worth almost PLN 28m (€5.98m). Some 30 km of new roads will be built around the new Polish airport, including a new junction on the A2 motorway. The contractor’s task is to design a road system in the airport area, including a junction with the A2 motorway on its eastern side and links to National Road 50 on the western side.

The contractor has committed to develop comprehensive, multi-discipline design plans and specifications for CPK, including a full geological investigation. The road programme concept will also involve the development of any tender documentation necessary for announcing the procedure and selecting the contractor for design and construction works (under the design and build formula).

“Design solutions for the road system are crucial for the smooth operation of the airport. We hope that the contractor we have chosen takes advantage of its extensive experience in designing transport infrastructure to offer us the best possible solutions,” said Adam Krajewski, road infrastructure coordinator in the CPK Airport Programme Design and Engineering Office.

The designer will also be required to prepare solutions for civil engineering structures (including flyovers, bridges, wildlife underpasses), road service equipment, environmental protection equipment, solutions for utility conflicts, as well as other facilities necessary for the proper functioning of the entire road system.

The tender had been running since November, with seven companies and consortia taking part. CPK selected the contractor based on price and experience, it said.

Image: Centralny Port Komunikacyjny