Centralny Port Komunikacyjny is to sign a framework agreement concerning the design of CPK's airport support infrastructure.

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny has selected bids in the first tender for the design of support infrastructure to be built at CPK airport. The company plans to sign a framework agreement with 13 entities, which will design the air traffic control tower, the airport's operations centre or the rescue and firefighting facilities as part of the commissioned executive procedures.

Among the 13 entities that fulfilled the conditions for participation in the tender were nine companies and four consortia. This awarded contract is the first of two framework agreements for the design of support infrastructure engineering (SIE) facilities. The first agreement concerns the design of the facilities, such as the control tower, airport operations centre, rescue and firefighting buildings, airport maintenance, and management and airport staff offices.

"The facilities will be built near the passenger terminal and railway station designed by the project master architect Foster + Partners and Buro Happold. We assume full cooperation and coordination between the master architect and companies selected to design the SIE facilities. The control tower will be a key element in the airport. Together with the terminal, it has the potential to become its most recognisable building, as at Istanbul's new airport, for example," said Eliza Wysocka, SIE project leader in the CPK Airport Programme Design and Engineering Office.

The designed facilities will support and complement the ongoing operations of the passenger terminal and the remaining airport infrastructure. They will also be integrated with them to ensure seamless handling of flights and traffic safety.

The SIE framework contract will allow the commissioning of specific tasks using executive procedures. Contractors will carry out work and services related to preparing conceptual, technical, executive and building projects, along with obtaining the necessary permits. The contract also includes other services related to the design, such as consultancy during the contract award procedures for the execution of the construction works.

Offers received for the second tender, for the design of support facilities at the airport area (including hotels, offices, retail facilities, cargo terminals and multi-storey car parks), were announced in October this year, and are still being assessed. That tender is scheduled to be awarded in January 2023. The estimated total value of both contracts is approximately PLN 500m (€106.5m).

Image: Centralny Port Komunikacyjny