Centralny Port Komunikacyjny has launched a tender for the design, delivery and implementation of CPK Airport’s baggage handling system (BHS)

According to CPK, the goal of the competitive dialogue procedure is the analysis of the BHS’ conceptual design with regard to the system design’s implementation methods. It will also involve the introduction of a more precise tender call description, as well as verification of the main terms of the contract. 

“The baggage handling system is the heart of every airport. We have launched the competitive dialogue procedure, which in its first stage will identify the most suitable industry players. In the second stage, once the cooperation conditions have been defined, we will invite four potential contractors to submit final bids. Our goal is to have a reliable system that will ensure quick luggage transfer for the passengers transferring at CPK, with no bags being lost,” said Mikołaj Wild, CEO of CPK.

The scope of the call includes, among other things, the BHS executive project development, supply and installation of equipment, followed by the commissioning of the system, testing and its operation and maintenance. In addition, the company has considered the possibility of extension of the operation and maintenance period under the right of option, and, if needed, the extension of the call scope through the addition of the checked baggage screening devices delivery.

CPK plans to invite four potential contractors to the competitive dialogue. Should there be additional proposals that meet the conditions, CPK will assess the applications on the basis of the selection criteria referred to in the documentation. The applicants with the highest number of points will then be invited to participate in the dialogue.

Submissions are invited from companies that have in the last 25 years launched BHS in airports with a yearly capacity of over 30 million passengers and that have been responsible for the construction of early baggage system building.

The competitive dialogue participation application deadline is February 12. More information is available on CPK’s SmartPZP platform.

CPK plans to invite four potential contractors to the competitive dialogue
CPK plans to invite four potential contractors to the competitive dialogue Centralny Port Komunikacyjny