Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPC) has called for designs for the air traffic control tower at the airport it is to build in Poland.

The master plan for the CPK airport envisages that the Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) will be a high-rise building, with the controllers' operations room expected to be 90m above the apron. According to the design assumptions, the maximum height of the building cannot exceed 105m. The precise height of the building will be determined by visibility analyses, which should be carried out during the initial design stage, CPK said.

We know that it will be the tallest and most modern tower of its kind in Poland

Eliza Wysocka, CPK

The tender submission period runs until June 6. According to the assumed schedule, preliminary visualisations of the air traffic control tower should be presented by the designer in Q1 2024.

“Taking into account the assumptions of the CPK master plan, as well as the experience of our partner, the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, we know that it will be the tallest and most modern tower of its kind in Poland. The design is to be developed in close cooperation with the airport's master architect, Foster + Partners, which should guarantee architectural coherence with the terminal,” said Eliza Wysocka of the Design and Engineering Office of the CPK airport programme.

CPK ATC tower plans

The new ATC tower will be substantially taller than others in Poland

The tender procedure is open to the nine companies and four design consortia with whom CPK signed a framework agreement for the design of the airport's support infrastructure engineering (SIE) facilities at the end of 2022. This contract also involves the design of the airport operations centre, the rescue and firefighting services buildings, the airport maintenance and management building and the airport services offices.

The company selected in the tender procedure will prepare the design of the tower, including its concept, and obtain the necessary building permits. The scope of the contract will include additional design-related services, such as consultancy during construction works procurement procedures.

Images: Centralny Port Komunikacyjny