Colorado Springs Airport (COS) is to replace its existing Premier Lounge with a Global Lounge Network (GLN) facility

Greg Phillips, director of aviation for Colorado Springs Airport, said of the collaboration, “This partnership between COS and GLN, aimed at enhancing our airport lounge, exemplifies our unwavering commitment to elevating the traveller experience through our ambitious ElevateCOS initiative, accompanied by complementary projects that include enhancements to our food and beverage offerings and retail amenities."

Global Lounge Network (GLN) is a Miami-based company that operates and markets VIP lounges at airports around the world. Current GLN customers include airlines, airports, airline alliances, banks, and lounge-access card companies. The company specialises in financing, designing, building, renovating, operating, and marketing VIP lounges for airports and airlines on an international scale.

The Lounge will offer personalised concierge services, a wide range of food and beverage options, dedicated workstations and a self-serve coffee bar.

While the GLN membership won't encompass the parking privileges provided by the existing Premier Lounge membership, COS is set to introduce a dedicated parking membership programme before May 1, coinciding with the expiration of Premier Lounge members' parking benefits.

Travellers who have a Priority Pass membership and a valid outbound ticket will have access to The Lounge at no additional cost. The current Premier Lounge is set to close after the last departure of February 29, 2024.



The  partnership reflects the ambitious ElevateCOS initiative
The  partnership reflects the ambitious ElevateCOS initiative Colorado Springs Airport