Contingency plans have been put in place to provide medical air transfers during the closure of Guernsey and Alderney airports for essential maintenance.

Alderney Airport will close overnight from April 18-26, 2023. This will enable uninterrupted access each night for aerodrome pavement specialists AmcoGiffen to carry out essential patch repairs on the runway.

Critically ill patients will be transferred from Alderney by helicopter but during the closures the helicopter will not land at the airport.

Two alternative landing sites exist, one at Les Butes and one at Braye Common.  Based on the prevailing conditions, the landing site will be decided when the flight is being planned and secured while the helicopter uses the landing site.

Guernsey Airport will close overnight from April 24 to May 1, 2023.  This will provide the Guernsey Ports engineering teams and specialist contractors with uninterrupted access, to carry out planned essential maintenance on the aeronautical ground lighting systems.

During this period a civilian helicopter will be stationed at Guernsey Airport.  When the airport closes, the helicopter will operate from Port Soif car park. A civilian helicopter will be used to reduce the time that search and rescue assets are off station.

Port Soif car park will be closed to the public between 8pm and 7am between April 24 and  May 1, and security arrangements will be in place overnight while the helicopter is located there.

Image: States of Guernsey