Changi Airport Group (CAG) has released its latest sustainability report outlining its vision, approach and outcomes for the financial year ending March 31, 2022.

The report – dubbed ‘Forging a Sustainable Changi’ – covers CAG’s activities across the hub’s four passenger terminals, the Changi Airfreight Centre and the aircraft operating surfaces.

Highlights from the report include a commitment to cutting carbon emissions and capping them at 2018 levels until 2030, even with the growing number of passengers that Changi Airport expects to serve in the years ahead.

In the last financial year, CAG saw a 5.9% decrease in overall water consumption through the improvement of chiller condensate and wastewater recycling capabilities. A reduction in the use of potable and non-potable water, ranging from toilets and building cooling systems to irrigation and cleaning also helped achieve this decline.

Meanwhile, the firm has optimised its waste management by reducing waste at the source, encouraging good recycling practices and implementing effective waste collection systems. Close collaboration with licensed contractors, airport partners and cleaners has enabled CAG to divert 11% of waste from incineration.

The operator says it is striving towards a net zero “aspiration” by 2050, using new technologies and the increased adoption of renewable energy.