Cathay Cargo Terminal in Hong Kong has adopted 50% recycled plastic cargo cover sheets

The facility will be the first cargo terminal in Hong Kong to adopt the sheets, which it will use for all Export Cargo shipments built up within its terminal. Previously it used sheets that contained a minimum of 30% recycled content.

Cathay Cargo Terminal worked extensively with its supplier to develop this solution, which has been extensively tested in the laboratory and during rigorous real-world trials with its customer Cathay Cargo in 2023. The new material will be rolled out across the terminal from March 2024.

Cathay Director Cargo Tom Owen said: “Embracing sustainability is pivotal in shaping the future of air cargo. Our adoption of 50% recycled plastic cargo cover sheets reaffirms Cathay Cargo's commitment to environmental stewardship and sets a new standard for the industry.”

Cathay Subsidiaries head of sustainable development Michelle Fok said: “The circular economy is an important concept to reduce waste and prolong product lifecycles. Our cargo terminal has implemented circularity in cargo plastic sheets since 2017 and is already recycling 100% of plastic sheets from import cargo shipments, which are broken down at the Cathay Cargo Terminal.

“Our new sheets utilise 50% recycled post-consumer plastic, reducing the reliance on virgin plastic while meeting the operational demands of our customers. We remain committed to working with our suppliers to explore even higher levels of recycled plastic, as well as alternative materials, as part of our long-term goal to reduce plastics in cargo operations.”

In October 2023 Cathay Cargo Terminal became the first facility in Hong Kong to sign up to participate in the IATA Environmental Assessment (IEnvA) programme. The programme provides globally recognised environmental and sustainability standards for the aviation industry.

The terminal is the first in Hong Kong to use the sheets
The terminal is the first in Hong Kong to use the sheets Cathay Cargo