Transportation will take place from India to international destinations

SpiceJet has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Brussels Airport for ensuring the efficient transportation of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Working alongside the government, pharma companies and forwarders, both the airline and the Belgium-based airport will ensure a reliable ecosystem for vaccine delivery. Developing a direct airlink for SpiceJet from the airport will also be a priority.

Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company, said: “As from today, we have already shipped more than 10 million doses of vaccine from our Brucargo platform to destinations around the world. In this context, we are very pleased to be partnering with SpiceJet and to be able to offer our expertise for the future distribution of vaccines from India within Europe and beyond. Together, we will make our contribution to the solution to this global health crisis.”

The airline’s cargo sector, SpiceXpress, hopes to provide a rapid delivery service for the vaccine, to and from Europe. This will be done with a temperature controlled mechanism under the MoU.

The cargo airliner is able to transport drugs, vaccines, medicines and blood samples by controlling the temperature conditions, ranging from -40°C to +25°C. The carrier also has deep freezers and ground vehicles at its disposal.

According to the airline, support will be given from the airport in regard to slots and networking contracts to speed up delivery.

“We are delighted to partner with Brussels Airport in our fight against the pandemic,” said Ajay Singh, Chairman and Managing Director of SpiceJet. “This tie-up will help SpiceJet to seamlessly transport vaccines not only from Europe and beyond to India but also help Indian manufacturers export extremely sensitive drugs in a safe and controlled environment. We are fully committed and prepared to transport the Covid-19 vaccine and assist in the biggest vaccination drive in the history of mankind.”

SpiceJet has also partnered with companies such as GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo, Om Logistics Ltd and Snowman Logistics. These partnerships were formed in an attempt to transport the vaccine to every part of India, as well as other countries.

Currently, the carrier’s network spans over 54 domestic and 45 international destinations, with a fleet of 17 cargo planes. This allows for the transportation of 500 tonnes of cargo each day, travelling to both domestic and international locations.

The airliner has formed relationships with global leaders in cold chain solutions, offering active and passive packaging.

Since the lockdown began, SpiceJet has operated over 12,600 cargo flights and has carried close to 102,000 tonnes of freight.