Airport Corporación América Airports subsidiary Inframerica, operator of Brasília Airport, will commence expansion of the airport site in 2022.

This is the second phase of the project, which will be carried out through partnerships, and will involve the construction of a shopping mall and both entertainment and logistic centres. The first part of the project, “Praça Pick Up,” a mobility centre that among other things includes several food options and a children's playground, opened in September 2020.

The first elements of this second phase will be operational by the end of 2023, with the completion of the works scheduled for the first half of 2024. Inframerica estimates investments of around R$700m ($138m), with the generation of around 3,500 direct and indirect new jobs.

“The entire concept was conceived by the in-house team and after several studies of the population of Brasília to understand its expectations, we came up with an economically viable project, which is fully aligned with the reality of the region,” explains Ian Joels, commercial director of Inframerica.

The new mall will be located next to the existing hotel on the access road to the terminal, in a total area of 190,000m2, including a space for rent of 40,000m2. Grupo Partage, a seasoned mall operator with more than 10 malls in operation across the country, will implement and manage the business.

The entertainment centre will include three theme parks in a total area of approximately 30,000m2, while the 120,000m2 logistic centre will include a space for rent of 66,000m2.

Corporación América Airports acquires, develops and operates airport concessions. It is the largest private airport operator in the world based on the number of airports and the tenth largest based on passenger traffic. The company operates 53 airports in six countries across Latin America and Europe, in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Armenia and Italy.


Image: Daderot/ Wikimedia Commons