Brisbane Airport Corporation has renewed its partnership with Lotte Duty Free, extending the retailer’s Duty-Free concession lease by a decade

The announcement comes after a competitive tender for the ten-year partnership, which will see a major terminal redevelopment and doubling of the Duty-Free footprint.

Lotte Duty Free is the incumbent Duty-Free partner, commencing operations in the International Terminal in March 2019. The new lease will officially commence on 1 February 2024. 

“Lotte Duty Free is clearly aligned to our values of communication, care, courage and collaboration, and to our sustainability focus, with sustainable design elements included throughout the future store and a focus on waste management,” said Gert-Jan de Graaff, CEO of Brisbane Airport

“This alignment, coupled with an incredibly exciting store concept showcasing the future of Duty-Free retail, and a commitment to evolve the customer experience over time, makes it a great partner for Brisbane Airport over the exciting decade ahead.” 

The ten-year deal will trade through three distinct phases, seeing the current 2,795m2 footprint across arrivals and departures expand to a 3,900m2 departures store, 1,056m2 arrivals store, ‘Last Chance’ store and 38m2 atrium retail area.  

The store will have a bespoke design, unique to Brisbane
The store will have a bespoke design, unique to Brisbane Lotte Duty Free

This will allow additional space to develop categories including technology, food and confectionary, with a focus on local brands and produce. 

The expanded footprint will enable Lotte Duty Free to employ 35% more staff across the terminal, with the company also leveraging its Korean headquarters to promote and drive tourism to Brisbane and Queensland. 

Steve Timms, Lotte Travel Retail Oceania CEO, said: “Our renewed partnership with BAC [Brisbane Airport Corporation] will create a truly amazing retail experience worthy of Brisbane's incredible future. 

“There is nothing in the Brisbane store design that has similarity to any other place. It will be a bespoke design, capturing the flavour of Brisbane.”

The transformation of the Brisbane International Terminal is part of a $5bn investment in ‘Future BNE’. 

As part of this redevelopment, a request for proposal will be released in early 2024, calling for operators across specialty, food and beverage, news and books and foreign exchange.

The expanded footprint will require a 35% increase in staff
The expanded footprint will require a 35% increase in staff Lotte Duty Free