Bengaluru’s international airport has become the first in south Asia to commission a Rosenbauer firefighting simulator.

India’s Bangalore International Airport (BLR) has commissioned a Rosenbauer Tactical Simulator, enabling firefighters to train for real emergencies in a realistic, risk-free environment.

The simulator will allow firefighters to practice using Rosenbauer Panther crash fire tender (CFT) vehicles, as well as the company’s high reach extendable turrets (HRET), used in extreme aircraft fire emergencies.  The state-of-the-art facility will be open for firefighters from other airports in India and abroad, state fire departments and defence forces.

“At BLR, our top priority is to maintain the highest standards of safety and with the Rosenbauer CFTs, we are well equipped to efficiently handle difficult fire emergencies,” said Jayaraj Shanmugam, the airport’s chief operating officer.

“We believe in training our teams, equipping them with advanced tools and modern technology, providing them with hands-on experience and keeping them ready to contain any possible emergencies. The tactical simulator will help us strengthen our firefighting capabilities even further.”

Fire crews will be able to gain experience in the tactical use of CFTs, turret control, the application of firefighting agents, command and control, vehicle operation and basic driving and positioning skills. The simulator has a cockpit that matches every detail of the Rosenbauer fire truck, with all operating controls, from the steering wheel to turret control, projected through multiple 55in HD screens.

The Rosenbauer simulator can be used to train for various aircraft-related emergencies through multiple customisable emergency scenarios. It will also enable sessions to be replayed and analysed after completion.

In addition to its four existing fire trucks, Bangalore International Airport has added four new Rosenbauer CFTs to its fleet, including two Panther 6x6 trucks and two Panther 8x8 trucks. Two of these new vehicles are equipped with HRETs; according to BLR, it is the only airport in India to use HRETs on this vehicle type.