Birmingham Airport has upgraded its airport management and aeronautical billing system to Veovo's Intelligent Airport Platform, enabling faster decision making.

Veovo's web-based flight management and airport operational database (AODB) connects data from multiple airport, air traffic and airline systems to provide staff with real-time situational clarity from wherever they are, allowing for faster aircraft turnaround. With role-specific views, alerts and recommendations, the airport and its aviation partners can take proactive decisions as events unfold, delivering significant improvements to flight operations and the passenger experience.

The new platform is also revitalising passenger communications, with flight information display (FIDS) content now automatically tailored by flight, location and traveller needs.

Birmingham Airport has also upgraded to the new Veovo revenue management module, further reducing the cost and time required to invoice its airline customers.

"Our partnership with Veovo has, to date, brought us significant operational advantages," said Joanne Hodson, head of IT services at Birmingham Airport. "With the upgrade to our airport management and revenue system, our decision-making processes are better informed, more accurate and more efficient. This allows us to respond faster to the needs of passengers and assign our people and assets more efficiently."

Image: Veovo