Germany’s BEUMER Group is to deliver the new baggage handling system (BHS) at Gerald R Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Part of a $135m Terminal Enhancement Project, the new BHS features the BEUMER CrisBag tote-based individual carrier system (ICS). Gerald R Ford International (GRR) will be the first small-hub airport in the United States to deploy this technology.

The second busiest airport in Michigan, serving business and leisure travellers with nonstop and connecting flights on seven airlines, it is managed and operated by the Gerald R Ford International Airport Authority. The Terminal Expansion Project (TEP) aims to increase capacity and incorporate sustainable elements to further optimise operations, minimise the airport’s environmental footprint and enhance the guest experience.

“The airport has been a cornerstone of West Michigan for more than 60 years,” said Ford International Airport Authority president and CEO Tory Richardson. “We have strategically invested in our facility and campus to ensure we support our region’s economic prosperity and vitality. The expansion of our infrastructure is critical to fostering the growth of our vibrant region, ensuring our community has access to essential services through a robust transportation hub that increases opportunities for global connectivity.”

The CrisBag ICS

The BEUMER CrisBag Individual Carrier System (ICS) will play an integral role in the airport’s expansion by providing sustainable, safe and flexible baggage handling from check-in to make-up. It features a compact and modular design that uses intelligent automation to optimise the daily baggage operation using a unique “one bag per tote” system. The solution delivers a lower cost per passenger/bag and uses in-tote screening of hold baggage to add an extra layer of tracking and security that contributes to improved passenger safety.

“Larger airports have been quick to automate baggage handling procedures because it makes the passenger experience better and improves operational efficiency,” said David Delaney, BEUMER vice president and general manager, North American Airport Division. “Our CrisBag ICS solution delivers total traceability at every stage of the baggage handling process and is easily scalable, which means small-hub airports in the US like Ford International Airport can also benefit from the long-term savings and energy efficiency that this BEUMER ICS solution delivers.”

The Terminal Expansion Project is part of a wider capital expansion programme in the region, which includes more than $600m in critical infrastructure investments to accommodate passenger growth and air service demands.

The Christman Company is the overall contractor for the Terminal Enhancement Project with VTC as the BHS design team and BEUMER Group as the contractor for the baggage handling system.

GRR will be the first small-hub airport in the US to deploy the CrisBag ICS
GRR will be the first small-hub airport in the US to deploy the CrisBag ICS BEUMER Group