A new study from travel specialist Upgraded Points has ranked lounges at 50 US airports based on factors such as customer ratings and dining options.

Upgraded Points analysed more than 225 facilities at 50 of the largest US airports using data compiled from multiple authorities on airport lounges. The numbers were then assessed and adjusted for airport size (per square mile) to normalise the data. The study used 15 different ranking factors including hours of operation, amenities offered at each lounge, and customer reviews. Only airports with at least five lounges listed were included in those rankings. Another analysis rated the entities that operated each lounge, only including operators with at least five different lounges from the 225 analysed.

Airports with the best lounges
Miami International Airport (MIA) ranked first with a score of 81.09 out of 100. Although operating with fewer lounges per mile than other top contenders, the Florida airport's lounges stay open longer. On average, MIA's lounges are open for 16 hours and 54 minutes per day (more than any other airport). A majority of MIA lounges offer premium food options and all have showers.

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) placed second, with 76.40 points out of 100, scoring highest in lounge saturation with over five lounges per mile. According to customer reviews, the luxury lounges at LGA were the best of any airport analysed in the study, scoring 3.84 out of 5 stars. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) came in at third place with a score of 74.89 out of 100, featuring the fourth most lounges per mile, at 3.5.

Operators with the best lounges

American Express, Plaza Premium Group, and Airport Dimensions were the top three lounge providers. Key factors included premium food options, beer and wine, comfortable seating, TVs and entertainment, family rooms, and plenty of places to charge electronic devices.

Delta Air Lines ranked fourth with a score of 67.79 out of 100. Delta Sky Club proved one of the most popular lounges across the country, with an average customer rating of 3.84 out of 5 and longer operating hours. However, only about a quarter of its lounges offer showers, and the lack of premium food options contributed to the fourth-place finish.

Image: Upgraded Points