Aviator Airport Services Sweden has signed a new agreement with Danish charter company Sunclass Airlines.

A provider of aviation services at 15 airports across the Nordics, Aviator has signed a five-year agreement with Sunclass Airlines for ground handling and de-icing at Stockholm Arlanda, Malmo and Gothenburg airports. Aviator already provides Sunclass with ground handling services – the new contract extents the scope of its work with the airline.

Sunclass Airlines operates charter services from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Director of operations Bent Erlandsen said: “Over the years of working with Aviator has proven, again and again, its true professionalism, experience and deep industry knowledge. We are delighted to work with Aviator and trust that our partnership will continue to develop for many years to come, and that we continue to deliver great results and a high level of service for our guests.”

Aviator provides a range of ground handling services: from passenger and baggage handling, to de-icing, cargo and full-freight handling, to station services, including airport security and operation of the Nordic Dino aircraft washing robot.