SNC-Lavalin Group company Atkins is launching two important projects with Yeh & Associates and Civil Technology, having helped them win major infrastructure contracts at Denver International Airport (DEN).

Creating a mentor relationship with Atkins enabled the two Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) to earn prime consultant contracts that may otherwise have been out of reach.

“Increasing diversity and inclusion is at the heart of our strategy, culture and day-to-day operations,” said Steve Morriss, president, engineering services, US, Atkins. “This is an innovative contracting approach that helps ensure everyone has a seat at the table, creates social value and generates far-reaching community benefits.”


The benefits of mentoring

Atkins serves as a subcontractor to Yeh & Associates on its Quality Assurance Inspection Services (QAIS) contract and to Civil Technology on its Integrated Project Management Support Services - Infrastructure (IMPSS-I) contract, lending management support, technical expertise, digital platform development and institutional knowledge to the teams.

Atkins played integral roles in the DBEs winning $40m and $30m DEN contracts, respectively.

These contracts establish Atkins as the company that small businesses want to work and grow with in the future

Scott Richrath, Atkins

The company mentored the teams in several ways, including streamlining the firms’ electronic document management and developing data integration tools, enhancing their quality assurance and procurement process programmes, and strengthening sustainability initiatives, so that they were better positioned to compete for these DEN contracts and other opportunities in their future.

“Our firms share a joint commitment to quality, innovation, safety and integrity,” said Scott Richrath, Atkins VP and senior mountain division manager, Community & Intermodal Infrastructure (C&II). “While strengthening our aviation project and programme management services portfolio, these contracts also establish Atkins as the company that small businesses want to work and grow with in the future.” Atkins C&II Business Unit has expanded under these contracts, adding management positions and elevating staff into leadership roles resulting in a win-win for all involved.   

Atkins recognises the essential nature of inclusion as a core strength and organisation culture. Supporting the deliberate advancement and development of DBEs helps increase the number of available qualified service providers and open more doors into the industry.

Atkins has previously participated in mentor/protégé programs with the Colorado Department of Transportation, Community College of Denver, Denver Public Schools and Scholars Unlimited to support business growth and advance Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) initiatives within the engineering, design and construction industry.

Image: Denver International Airport