TK Elevator has launched ApronVision, which the company says: “moves beyond current advanced visual docking guidance systems by enabling full automation and digitalization to the apron…[and] ensures maximum safety and efficiency with highest turnaround performance, integration with bridge automation technologies and real-time data of the apron.”

Advanced visual docking guidance systems (A-VDGS) guide pilots using visual signals from the taxiway to the stop position on the apron. ApronVision features a variety of different applications enabling faster turnarounds thanks to object detection and measuring. It optimizes processes through automated boarding bridge operations and enables precise control of all apron activities due to real-time data, ensuring an efficient docking and departure process. It also features the latest 3D lidar technology for long-range and ultrahigh precision object detection and measuring. The system creates a high-resolution point cloud of the apron with up to 2.6 million data points per second and a scanning angle of up to 360°, keeping the apron operations under control in every situation. A full screen high resolution LED display shows critical automated and customized turnaround information. Thus, customers have all relevant information at hand for their decision making. The company says it would be especially useful for high-capacity airports.

“With ApronVision, TK Elevator sets a cutting-edge standard for airport operations,” says Manuel Alvarez, CEO Airport Solutions at TK Elevator. “The intelligent technology enhances docking and departure processes and facilitates complex operations at all times. Airports benefit from the consolidation of the most critical turnaround processes and apron information in a single system. Most importantly, faster and smoother processes also improve the travel experience for passengers.”

With the introduction of ApronVision, TK Elevator is expanding its digital product portfolio for airports.