Amadeus has developed a new approach to managing operations at airports using a virtual centre powered by Microsoft.

The launch of Amadeus Virtual Airport Operations Centre (APOC) will enable a broad range of stakeholders, including airlines, airports, border control, and service providers, to work together in a fully digitalised airport operations centre.

The Amadeus-developed solution is designed as an app for Microsoft Teams, bringing involved parties together to better manage day-to-day operations around a single plan.

The technology also makes it easier for the industry to respond more quickly during disruption.

Airport stakeholders benefit from Microsoft Azure Machine Learning capabilities that simulate the impact of potential plans so they can be continually fine-tuned.

Rudy Daniello, executive vice president, airport and airlines operations, Amadeus, said: “The aviation industry is working hard to deliver flights on time with minimal disruption, often in challenging circumstances. Yet we know data silos and outdated communications channels are making the job even harder.

“That’s why we’ve invested and worked with Microsoft to deliver a virtual operations centre that can super-charge collaboration and improve decision-making at the airport. APOC represents our second joint venture with Microsoft and is testament to the robustness of our partnership.”

Julie Shainock, managing director travel, transport and logistics at Microsoft, added: “Information silos in aviation are preventing the industry from reaching its operational potential.

“Everyday opportunities to better optimise operations are missed because stakeholders can’t access a single source of information and haven’t had the necessary decision-support tools.

“The combination of our experience in cloud computing and user experience, with Amadeus’ deep understanding of aviation processes, means we’ve been able to accelerate development to answer the industry’s need for a comprehensive, shared operations management tool.”