Alstef Group offices in New Zealand, Australia, India, the United States, Mexico, and Peru have been certified as Great Places to Work.

According to the Group, a provider of automated solutions for baggage handling, intralogistics, air-cargo and parcel handling solutions, the certification recognises its commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work culture across its global operations.

The Great Place to Work certification is awarded based on an extensive evaluation process that assesses workplace culture, employee satisfaction, and organisational practices.

“We are delighted to receive the Great Place to Work certification for multiple offices within the Alstef Group,” said Nicolas Breton, CEO of Alstef Group. “This achievement is a testament to our dedication to cultivating an exceptional workplace that encourages collaboration, innovation, and employee well-being. We believe that our success as an organisation is directly linked to the commitment and passion of our employees.”

The certification is a reflection of Alstef Group's strong focus on building a supportive and inclusive work environment. The company actively promotes open communication, teamwork, and a culture of trust, enabling employees to contribute their best and achieve professional fulfilment. By investing in employee development programs, mentorship initiatives, and recognition schemes, Alstef Group empowers its workforce to excel and grow.

Receiving the Great Place to Work certification in multiple global offices further reinforces Alstef Group's commitment to diversity and inclusion. The company celebrates differences and believes in equal opportunities for all employees. This recognition underscores the group's efforts to foster a workplace that embraces diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.

The certification process conducted by Great Place to Work involves a comprehensive assessment of employee feedback, HR policies, and management practices. It provides an independent validation of Alstef Group's dedication to creating a positive work environment that values employee well-being, engagement, and professional development.

Image: Alstef Group