Airservices Australia has issued a purchase order for four Oshkosh Airport Products Striker Volterra 6x6 Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) hybrid electric vehicles.

These environmentally advanced fire apparatus will be deployed at the new Western Sydney International Airport (WSI), set to open in 2026.

The Striker Volterra 6x6 comes equipped with an Oshkosh patented hybrid-electric drivetrain, featuring an electro-mechanical infinitely variable transmission. This enables zero-emissions operation through the integrated onboard batteries and uninterrupted power supply by coupling with the internal combustion engine for pumping and drive systems.

WSI is a transformational infrastructure project expected to boost economic activity, provide local employment opportunities, meet Sydney's carbon-neutral sustainability initiatives, and meet the area’s growing aviation needs. Airservices Australia is a government entity making a significant investment to support the development of an airport of the future, featuring world-leading technology, innovative design, and a detailed sustainability plan. 

These vehicles play a crucial role in larger environmental sustainability initiatives

Dave Archer, Oshkosh Vocational

“As the first airport built in Australia in over 50 years, WSI is not just an airport; it's a statement of intent for a more sustainable future,” said Dave Archer, vice president of engineering for Oshkosh Vocational.

“The Striker Volterra vehicles, with their hybrid electric technology, align perfectly with Airservices Australia and WSI’s goals. These vehicles are not only an asset to emergency response capabilities but also play a crucial role in larger environmental sustainability initiatives. They symbolise a dedication to intelligent design, energy optimisation, fire crew safety and efficiency, and ultimately, a carbon-neutral future,” he added.

WSI’s four new Striker Volterra 6x6 vehicles will feature an industry-leading modular cab design, TAK-4 all-wheel independent suspension, and a 50in Snozzle high-reach extendable turret. They each house a 11,356-litre water tank, 1,590-litre foam tank, and a 7,570 litre/minute water pump, along with a 250kg dry chemical powder system. Accelerating from 0 to 80kph  in under 25 seconds, the Striker Volterra ARFF offers a 28% improved acceleration over standard diesel models when fully loaded.

Image: Oshkosh Airport Products