AI-enabled autonomous retail solution implemented at Jackson Hole Airport

An AI-based retail solution designed to streamline the shopping experience with touchless, self-checkout technology has been rolled out at Jackson Hole Airport (JCO) in Wyoming.

The UST Vision Checkout technology is located at the Bistro and Grab & Go areas of Jedediah’s at the airport; the sole food vendor at an airport that welcomes over 500,000 passengers annually.

UST Vision Checkout is part of a wider package of UST retail offerings and is a self-checkout terminal powered by computer vision. It has the standard self-checkout capability of bar code scanning and look up products mode, significantly simplifying ‘grab n go’ purchases.

The automated nature of UST Vision Checkout makes it possible for the restaurant to keep its doors open 24 hours a day.
“UST Vision Checkout makes checkout up to three times faster, meaning it is a win-win for retail operators and customers. This innovative solution does more than enable frictionless retail; it puts the customer first and enhances the entire shopping experience while also allowing retail operators to allocate resources more efficiently. Passengers flying in and out of Jackson Hole Airport will be able to see how UST Vision Checkout revolutionises retail by providing a simple, intelligent, and autonomous self-checkout experience through cutting edge computer vision analytics and a touchless user interface,” said Gilroy Mathew, SVP, global head of engineering at UST.