Airport solutions provider ADB Safegate has launched Safedock FleX, its latest advanced visual docking guidance system (A-VDGS) offering.

The new product is a network integrated A-VDGS that originates from the familiar Safedock X platform and uses the same infrared laser and 3D scanning technology. This A-VDGS is compatible with previous SafeControl Apron Management (SAM) software versions and offers integration capacities for real-time gate and apron management.

Safedock FleX uses the 3D laser scan to capture and track incoming aircraft to ensure gate compatibility and safely guide pilots to the precise stop position, regardless of operating conditions or gate layout. Automated docking is possible thanks to network integration between Safedock FleX and SAM. Its intelligent design enables faster aircraft parking, which in turn reduces fuel burn and emissions.

A full-colour LED display provides intuitive guidance to pilots and communicates critical RIDS/A-CDM messages to ground crew, and the system can be adapted to operate a second display to further improve turn awareness, according to ADB Safegate.

Optional features include a larger, high-resolution display, an extended stop position
range, approach monitoring and multiple centreline capabilities, two levels of apron scan functionality, expanded operator panel capabilities, an enhanced ramp information display system, an integrated IP camera, PBB and SEQ interface and A-SMGCS integration for just-in-time fully automated docking, aircraft positional data within the gate area and pushback support.