ADB Safegate is to supply India’s new Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) with its Airfield 4.0 lighting technology.

The airport is currently one of the largest greenfield projects in India and it will employ ADB Safegate’s most advanced airfield lighting solutions to date: AXON EQ LEDs lights and LINC 360 Individual Control & Monitoring System (ILCMS).

Adani Group, the developer and operator of Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA), via the EPC (Engineering, procurement, and construction) contractor Larsen & Toubro, has partnered with ADB SAFEGATE to utilise Airfield 4.0 technology. The solution readies the greenfield airfield for Level 4 Advanced Surface Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) integration, which will enable advanced routing and guidance along with Follow the Greens technology in the future. 

Expected to complete construction of Phase 1 by the end of next year, the airport plans to service 20 million annual passengers and alleviate congestion from the nearby Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, one of the busiest single-runway airports in the world. 

The creation of NMIA, officially known as DB Patil International Airport, has been decades in the making, and will feature two runways and three terminals spread out in the shape of a lotus, the national flower of India. At over 1,160 hectares in size, it will operate as a domestic and regional hub and service customers using the absolute latest in airport infrastructure technology.

According to ADB Safegate, Airfield 4.0 represents the future of air travel, and takes advantage of smart lighting technologies, powerful cloud computing and automation tools, digitising the airfield with new communication platforms. The airport’s new AXON EQ intelligent LED lights communicate via LINC 360, the next generation of powerline communication, designed to enable secure and reliable bi-directional interaction.

“These latest airfield technologies will allow NMIA to meet its goal of operating A-SMGCS at Level 4, the highest level of implementation based on complexity and traffic density,” said Aziz Cakir, VP ME & Africa, ADB Safegate.

“The new AXON lights with intelligence not only provide huge long-term maintenance advantages but along with LINC 360 are best suited for the Follow the Greens concept to enable tracking of aircraft and control a pathway with green lights for the aircraft to follow down the runway, onto the taxiway and into the gate.

“This Follow the Greens and routing and guidance of aircraft when implemented will save on power consumption, reduce pilot navigation errors, and increase safety on the airfield.”

With completion of the final phase, the airport expects to service 60 million passengers a year and handle 1.5 million tons of cargo annually. With the high anticipated growth in demand, smart solutions to ensure safety and efficiency are absolutely critical for success. A digitised airfield delivered by Airfield 4.0 technologies will enable monitoring and real-time sharing of information to provide solutions with the potential to predict any arising issues. The data collected will also enable more predictive maintenance of airfield infrastructure.

NMIA will be the third smart lighting project undertaken by ADB Safegate and Larsen & Toubro in recent years.

Image: ADB Safegate