Airports Council International (ACI) World, ACI North America (NA) and the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop secure and efficient aviation security operations globally.

The MoU seeks to formalise multiple workstreams and ensure the continued collaboration on and promotion of global aviation security projects of common interest for the benefit of travellers worldwide.  

These workstreams include:

  • Mutually identifying airports and helping enhance security through the ACI Airport Excellence (APEX) in Security programme and ACI World Smart Security programme
  • Collaborating on innovation programmes such as ACI World’s AirportShare project, launching live wait times data from multiple airports for passengers and other internal and external data consumers through a standard feed
  • Exploring and supporting the One-Stop Security Program between select international and US city pairs. This programme seeks to increase security effectiveness, efficiency and the customer experience by eliminating redundant security screening.

“ACI and TSA have a long-established partnership to enhance security across the world’s airports. In addition, TSA serves as the vice-chair of the Smart Security Management Group, led by ACI World to improve security, operational efficiency, and the passenger experience at security checkpoints across the world’s airports, focusing on innovation.

“We are pleased to formalise our relationship to further advance aviation security operations globally as we collectively keep up with growing air travel demand. TSA continues to be an avid supporter in ACI World’s vision and goals,” said ACI World director general Luis Felipe de Oliveira.

Image: TSA