The Advanced Air Mobility Institute has signed a MoU with the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI Toscana)

The Memorandum of Understanding will see the organisations collaborate on the development and promotion of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) in Italy, with a particular focus on the Tuscany region.

This partnership will involve joint projects with local governments, businesses, universities, research centres, and civil society to advance the adoption of AAM technologies and services in the region. The parties have committed to a wide range of activities, including the exchange of best practices and information to benefit AAM development in Tuscany.

Educational events and online training directives are planned as part of this partnership to raise awareness about AAM among various stakeholders and the general public. By working together, AAM Institute and ANCI Toscana aim to foster a greater understanding of the benefits of AAM and its potential to transform mobility in Italy.

The partners will work to promote AAM in Italy
The partners will work to promote AAM in Italy UrbanV