Ostend-Bruges Airport and the North Sea Aviation Center (NSAC) are building 12 new general aviation hangars along the Nieuwpoortsesteenweg. Construction company Vulsteke plans to have the aircraft hangars completed by mid-July 2022 and the finished units will be offered for rent or sale.

“This is an important milestone for the airport and the region,” said NSAC managing director Erik Vermeersch. “It allows us to offer business, educational, recreational and innovative aviation a home base in Ostend. These investments will add commercial value to the airport, the region and the companies that will settle there.”

Eric Dumas, CEO of Ostend-Bruges Airport stressed the importance of this investment: “General aviation is and will remain an important pillar for our airport. The construction of the new hangars is important for the further sustainable development of general aviation activities.”

The new hangars were designed by Juno Architects and will measure 240m long and 6m high. Two hangars will have a surface area of 880sq m each, while eight smaller units will be 440sq m. “We have chosen to work with sustainable materials,” said Erik Vermeersch. “The new buildings will not be heated, but thanks to the high degree of insulation, they can be kept frost-free inside.”

Some hangars have already been sold and leased to private owners. The local pilot school Ostend Air College has already bought two of the hangars and the Noordzee Vliegclub will also make use of the new facility. “Thanks to its geographical location, flexibility and easy accessibility, our airport is the ideal location to welcome and further develop educational, recreational, business and innovative aviation,” said Eric Dumas.