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UrbanV and AWS prepare for take off

The AAM specialist will partner with Amazon Web Services to develop a city-wide infrastructure for electrically powered flying taxis

Jaipur to deploy biometrics

Passengers flying domestic from Jaipur Airport will no longer be required to carry printouts of their tickets and boarding pass

Gloucestershire appoints new airport director

Jason Ivey is the new airport director at Gloucestershire Airport, formerly Staverton Airport, which specialises in business aviation

Zartico launches airport planning solution

ZDOS Airport is a strategic decision-making tool designed specifically for airports, its Salt Lake City, Utah-based creators said

Houston anti-trafficking work wins DOT award

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has recognised Houston Airports for its Together We Will #EndHumanTrafficking initiative

SITA delivers 400 new TS6 kiosks

Key features of the kiosk include a new payment functionality that enables travellers to make contactless or smartphone payments

SSP opens Helsinki food court

Having opened a number of new units across Helsinki Airport in 2023, SSP Group has released more details of the concepts on offer

Cork introduces express bag facilities

Cork Airport, in conjunction with Ryanair, has installed a series of self-service, express bag
check-in kiosks

Hamad rolls out terminal navigation solution

Distributed across the airport, wayfinding and directory devices with QR codes will help passengers navigate the terminal

Oakland completes security project

Oakland International Airport in California has completed its six-months long Terminal 2 (T2) Security Exit Project