Speedbird joins Skyports in Orkney drone project

Skyports Drone Services has announced Speedbird Aero as a new aircraft partner in the Orkney I-Port drone delivery project

Micaelis and Pelagos join forces

Brazil’s Micaelis and France’s Pelagos Aero will share their expertise to drive sustainable urban air mobility (UAM) in Latin America

Volatus makes first senior hires

Volatus Infrastructure has announced the first three members of its leadership team, naming its CEO, CCO and CSO

Eve and Embraer reveal eVTOL production plans

Eve Air Mobility and Embraer’s first electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) production facility will be located in Taubaté, Brazil

FAA issues AAM implementation plan

The FAA has released an implementation plan detailing the steps needed to safely enable advanced air mobility operations in the near term

Volatus and Greenport to build vertiport

Volatus Infrastructure has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Greenport International Airport and Technology Center to build an eVTOL vertiport

Australia releases vertiport guidelines

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority has released guidelines for vertiport design, following extensive community and industry consultation

Urban-Air Port and Egis sign vertiport MoU

Egis and Urban-Air Port have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop Urban-Air Port’s modular vertiport solutions

Ferrovial and Milligan look for UK vertiport sites

Ferrovial and Milligan will work together to identify and develop sites to launch urban air mobility operations in the United Kingdom

AutoFlight and Groupe ADP sign Olympic MoU

AutoFlight and Groupe ADP will trial eVTOLs at Pontoise Vertiport during the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games

Lilium and UrbanV to collaborate

EVTOL developer Lilium and vertiport design specialist UrbanV are to collaborate on AAM infrastructure in Italy and the French Riviera

Skyportz releases vertiport-in-a-box design

Australian air taxi infrastructure pioneer Skyportz has released the design for a modular, turn-key vertiport that it describes as ‘revolutionary’