UK Government

UK lowers e-Gate age limit

Effective Monday July 24, the UK Government has expanded its e-Gate service to include ten and 11-year-old travellers

UK completes airport ground ops review

The government has set out key areas for the aviation industry to focus on to avoid repeating last summer’s travel disruption

UK Government reviews airport noise

The UK Government is continuing its review of night flight policy with a new consultation on the noise objectives for three London airports

UK drone operators issue call to government

A group of leading drone operators has called on the UK Government to change the way uncrewed aviation is regulated

UK appoints aviation advocate

The UK’s Department for Transport has appointed a new General Aviation Advocate to represent the needs and ambitions of the sector

UK Government updates international travel system

The new rules have been welcomed by airlines and other businesses in the travel sector following months of losses

Manchester Airport calls for simplification of UK travel system

Government figures show UK aviation is the worst hit sector, more than 90% down on pre-pandemic levels