Several new shops are to appear in the arrival hall of Vienna Airport in the near future, offering new brands to travellers.

In December 2022, the international magazine and travel goods store Relay will begin operating in the arrival hall. BILLA Corso, Burger King and Costa Coffee will also open their doors by spring 2023.

“Together with our longstanding airport partners Lagardére Travel Retail and Rewe Group, we are expanding our brand offering up until the spring of 2023. With BILLA Corso, Burger King, Costa Coffee and Relay, we are offering something catering to every taste, from an Austrian premium supermarket to international restaurants and shops with top brands,” said Julian Jäger, joint CEO and COO of Vienna Airport.

Opening on December 7, the new 133m² Relay will offer books, newspapers and magazines from all over the world, in addition to travel accessories, fresh snacks and beverages. It will be operated by Lagardére Travel Retail.

The international store operator will also introduce other shopping and restaurant offerings in the arrival hall. By the spring of 2023, Burger King will open a new restaurant alongside Costa Coffee at the location of the present McDonald’s restaurant, which will close down at the end of the year.

At the beginning of 2023 a modern and well-stocked BILLA Corso store, operated by the REWE Group, will open in the space currently occupied by Spar Gourmet. Refurbishment of the space will begin in early December.

The new facilities will give Vienna Airport a total of 43 shops and 35 restaurants.

Image: Flughafen Wien