Smiths Detection’s advanced carry-on baggage scanner has been added to the TSA’s checkpoint property screening system (CPSS) mid-size qualified products list (QPL).

The TSA’s CPSS programme is designed to replace the previous generation of X-ray scanners at airports across the United States with the latest computed tomography (CT) X-ray scanning technology. Smiths Detection’s HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX is now a qualified product on the QPL, eligible for TSA purchase for mid-size systems. The scanner produces high-resolution volumetric 3D images for quicker baggage assessment, using both visual operator inspection and automated object recognition, leading to low false-alarm rates.

The HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX allows electronics and liquids to remain in bags, speeding up passenger throughput, improving security and reducing touchpoints. One of three available configurations, the mid-size configuration includes an automated bag diverter at the decision point to be routed as suspect or cleared, further enhancing passenger throughput, according to the manufacturer.

Smiths Detection president Inder Reddy said: “We are pleased to confirm that our HISCAN 6040 CTiX scanner has been added to the TSA’s Mid-Sized Qualified Products List. CT technology equips airports with powerful screening technology which strengthens security, increases throughput and enhances the passenger experience.”

In 2019, Smiths Detection was awarded a contract to supply 300 advanced technology/ computed tomography (AT/CT) checkpoint systems to airports across the US through the TSA’s AT/CT programme. The company manufactured 300 AT/CT systems in Edgewood, MD and installed them across the US throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


Image: Smith’s Detection