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Digital passports: verification made easy

Nick Larter of Veridos considers how digital passports have the potential to improve the travel experience

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Biometrics: the face-based airport journey

Cognitec marketing manager Elke Oberg reflects on how facial recognition technology can make the airport journey both smoother and safer

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Airports International Issue 4 2023

The full issue in page-turning format

Putting the airport user centre stage

User psychologist Christian Vatter outlines how focusing on the user will help airports deliver a better passenger experience

Autonomous boarding bridges planned for Munich

Munich Airport and Dabico Airport Solutions Germany have signed a letter of intent to develop fully automated passenger boarding bridges

Gate technology: better together

According to ITW GSE, interlinking individual ground support units can unleash up to 50% surplus power at airport gates

Vestergaard's eco airside innovation

Lars Barsøe of Vestergaard Company reflects on the measures aviation is taking to meet its ambitious climate targets

Multimodal transport: at the heart of the matter

Tom Batchelor delves into the world of multimodal airports and their benefits, from economic to environmental

The Symphony solution

An innovative new concept designed to relieve congestion at the gate is the product of two brothers’ very different areas of expertise. The elder of the two explains

Wayfinding made easy

Airports are getting bigger, challenging even the keenest travellers’ navigation skills. Emma Kelly reports on the wayfinding solutions helping get them to the gate on time.