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Airports International Issue 1 2024

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Vertiports: what the aircraft developers want

Much has been written from the vertiport developers’ point of view, but what of the eVTOL firms? Tara Craig spoke to the key stakeholders

Vertiports and sustainability

From noise pollution to construction materials, are vertiports really as green as developers claim? Tom Batchelor investigates

Vertiports: how to make them secure

Vertiports may still be at the planning stage, but the degree of security they require is already a matter for debate. Chris Anderson reports

Vertiport development: how to rule out risk

Mott MacDonald’s John Reavy examines how vertiport development risks could be mitigated at the project planning stage

Vertiports: electrical and digital infrastructure

There’s much more to vertiport infrastructure than buildings. Emma Kelly looks at the digital and electrical requirements

Drones: the Open Skies Cornwall project

Drones will pave the way for eVTOLs and, ultimately, vertiports. This ground-breaking UK project aims to demonstrate their potential

Vertiports: how to win community approval

Sapan Shah of Honeywell Aerospace Technologies considers the critical role of community approval in advanced air mobility’s success

Facial recognition: its role in vertiports

Increasingly common in airports, facial recognition technology has much to offer the nascent vertiports sector, writes Cognitec’s Elke Oberg

Vertiports 1, 2024

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