Travel Point Group has signed a concession agreement with Perth Airport, Western Australia, to deliver the first Gaming Point VR lounge in an airport.

Gaming Point at Perth Airport will include one immersive Virtual Reality (VR) escape room, for up to five players per session, with each session lasting 30-45 minutes. The VR ‘escape room’ runs eight separate games to choose from. A Game Master from the Gaming Point team will guide the group on their journey.

The new lounge will also house a range of Individual high speed internet gaming stations, linked to the steam network, for die-hard gamers to continue their own gaming on their own accounts, and/or provide solo gaming options for newcomers.

Gaming point will be located at Terminal 1 International, Level 1 prior to customs and security screening and will be accessible to all domestic & international arriving or departing passengers in the T1/T2 Airport precinct, as well as the general public. Extended trading hours to suit the airport’s round the clock flight schedule will also be in place. The new space is scheduled to open in May 2023.

Travel Point Group is a new joint venture between Gaming-Point – a commercial arm of UK-headquartered airport services provider Luggage-Point – and store design and build specialist Concourse.

Image: Travel Point Group