The United States’ Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has begun preparations to federalise security screening at Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) in Wyoming.

Screening services were previously contracted by TSA to the City of Jackson and the Jackson Hole Airport Board. TSA has maintained oversight of all operations and required the city to meet the same security protocols and standards that are in place at other commercial airports nationwide.

Effective May 1, 2023, travellers departing JAC will be screened by TSA security screening officers employed by the federal government. This change was prompted after the airport board’s bid to retain the federal contract exceeded the maximum allowable amount to provide the necessary security services.

“TSA’s priorities at JAC are two-fold: to deliver seamless security operations for residents and visitors departing the airport and to take care of the employees who will be carrying out our security mission,” said TSA federal security director for Wyoming, Richard Whitmer. “Our commitment to the community is strong and we look forward to being a good partner as we move forward with the transition.”

TSA is in the process of offering current security screening officers the opportunity to remain in their current roles and transition to federal employment with full federal benefits. Once an employee becomes a federal TSA officer, they are eligible to transfer internally to most airports within the US after a year of employment.

Agency officials visited Jackson, holding two town hall meetings with current security screening officers at JAC. Plans are for TSA to hold additional town hall meetings as the transition to federalisation continues during April. TSA officials will continue to be on-site at JAC and available to assist employees during the change.

TSA has committed to security screening operations at JAC remaining federalised for a minimum of five years.

Image: Jackson Hole Airport