Schiphol has taken another step toward energy storage and further electrification of ground equipment with the arrival of an iron flow battery at the airport. 

The large battery, recently installed on the A/B apron, offers a reliable power supply for charging electrical equipment, relieving pressure on the grid. 

Schiphol said the iron flow battery will be tested extensively over the coming months. 

During the trial period, the battery will be supplying the electric Ground Power Units (e-GPUs) on the A/B apron with electricity. 

The e-GPUs provide power to parked aircraft at locations with no fixed electricity supply. 

The iron flow battery uses natural components: in contrast to commonly used lithium batteries, the battery works using iron and salt water – materials that are widely available, have a lower environmental impact and are fire safe. The capacity of the battery remains constant for up to 20 years. 

Sybren Hahn, Schiphol’s executive director infrastructure, said: “I am extremely proud of this innovation. The Iron Flow Battery is a great example of how we as an airport want to lead the way with innovative infrastructure that improves the quality of work.

“During the test period, the focus is on user-friendliness, reliability and efficiency. If the result is successful, more batteries will follow, with the aim of making all ground equipment emission-free and electric."


Super battery tested at Schiphol