French start-up Alltheway is working with SITA technology on a new baggage service enabling passengers travelling from Paris to check in and drop off their bags from their home or hotel, alongside an airport carousel bag pick-up and city delivery solution.

Alltheway will allow both passengers and airlines to track bags on and off airport. Alltheway agents arrive at the passenger’s hotel or home, weigh and seal the bag, and check it in with the airline. Using SITA Bag Journey, Alltheway integrates with an airline’s tracking systems and shares real-time baggage tracking information during its off-airport journey.

Alltheway will also receive the baggage tracking data collected during the airport’s handling operations. This information is then shared with the passenger through the Alltheway application so they can track their bags.

Emilie Gazeau, CEO and founder at Alltheway, said: “We have seen a growing demand for off-airport baggage services from a wide range of passengers, including families that have a huge number of bags to transport or business travellers that need the freedom to move across the city without being burdened by their baggage. With SITA, we can connect the dots between the airline and passenger so that we deliver the traveler the peace of mind that their bags are in safe hands.”

Image: SITA