Servy, the enterprise self-service platform for hospitality, has been awarded the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) mobile ordering and delivery platform.

Following a successful bid by Servy and Palazzo Concessions, in partnership with AtYourGate, passengers will be able to order food, beverages and retail contactless order and pay service for pick up or delivery at SFO, making for an easier and more comfortable airport experience.

“As travel restrictions continue to be lifted it is more essential than ever for airports to provide a digital experience, with guests now expecting it as standard, rather than considering it a luxury,” said Jason Rickoff, senior VP for business development at Servy. “The Grab Airport Marketplace has become an essential tool for travelers, allowing them to feel safe and comfortable as they browse an airport’s offerings.”

Servy’s Grab Airport Marketplace platform is currently available to passengers at more than 40 airports in the US and over 80 airports worldwide. It is set to launch in San Francisco in summer 2022.


Schiphol cuts terminal temperature

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has reduced the temperature in its terminal and head office by 1°.


Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, there is a need to reduce dependency on natural gas, to save money and help the environment. The Netherlands has inaugurated a national scheme to lower the heating at home and save approximately 6% energy. Starting on March 14, the temperature at Schiphol Airport will also drop by 1° in the terminal and head office. The money saved by lowering the heating will be donated to Giro 555, a charitable organisation that sends aid to disaster areas.

Since 2018, Schiphol has run on 100% Dutch wind energy. A large part of the terminal, most piers and a number of offices have heat and cold storage, a sustainable system that stores energy in the ground to save on natural gas.