Technical specialist SENER is piloting its Respira intelligent ventilation control system at AENA-run Valencia Airport.

SENER, whose Respira system uses artificial intelligence to improve indoor environmental quality, has signed a partnership agreement with Spanish airports operator AENA.

Under the agreement, SENER is trialling Respira at Valencia Airport to test the system’s ability to optimise the airport's Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The six month-long test is underway in the 3,400m2 boarding area, chosen because it is considered the part of the airport where the environmental conditions have the greatest effect on passengers' perceived comfort.

Respira will use artificial Intelligence to manage the HVAC systems within the airport. According to Getxo-based SENER, this will help regulate the temperature and humidity to improve user comfort, as well as reducing the energy consumption of the HVAC systems. It will also improve air quality within the airport, helping reduce the risk of microorganisms proliferating, including the ones that cause Covid-19.

Respira, Smart Ventilation and Climate Control Respira makes up an artificial intelligence solution capable of improving the air quality and heat index in public spaces by defining several criteria and reading parameters in real time, such as the indoor temperature, humidity and air quality, and the efficiency of devices by analysing their electrical consumption. The data is used by a dynamic algorithm to predict the environmental conditions (depending on the weather forecast, the service to be provided and other factors) and then apply a mode of operation to the HVAC units to ensure air quality and lower the heat index, while also minimising electricity consumption inside the structure, gradually increasing energy savings.