Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has definitively cancelled its plans to develop a new runway parallel to the existing Kaagbaan Runway

In 2023, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management (IenW) published its decision to definitively cancel the reservation for a new runway parallel to the Kaagbaan Runway. A consultation has since taken place to enable interested parties to react to the decision made by the Ministry of IenW. Given that no new arguments were put forward, the decision was presented to parliament. As a result, the reservation was definitively cancelled on July 1, 2024.

Land had been reserved for the construction of a parallel Kaagbaan for more than 20 years. According to Schiphol, that placed unnecessary pressure on already scarce space in the area. Research done in 2019 showed that a second Kaagbaan would not reduce noise nuisance, only relocate it. Having by now decided that there was no longer a need for an extra runway, Schiphol asked the Dutch government to cancel the land reservation.

The request was also part of Schiphol's eight-point plan, presented last year, to make the airport ‘quieter, cleaner and better’. In addition to Schiphol not wanting an extra runway, the plan also includes banning private jets, a night curfew, deterring the noisiest aircraft and investing up to €10m per year until 2030 in an Environmental Fund.

Schiphol no longer needs an additional runway
Schiphol no longer needs an additional runway Royal Schiphol Group