Italy’s Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (IATA: OLB) has introduced ultraviolet sanitising equipment to help cleanse its security lanes. Supplied by Sanycar, the A1500 machines are designed to reduce the level of contamination of pathogenic microorganisms within the trays used to carry passengers’ belongings through the X-ray security checkpoint.

New UV-C machines have been introduced to help sanitise the X-ray screening trays

The manufacturer said they use germicidal UV-C radiation, emitted with a wavelength of 254 nanometres, to destroy bacteria in the same way that the technology is utilised in the medical world. Sanycar said the machines’ entirely stainless-steel structure enables UV-C to be used without endangering the airport staff or customers.

Silvio Pippobello, CEO of theairport’s management company Geasar, said: “One of our company’s main objectives is to ensure the safety of passengers, ground staff and anyone else who sets foot in our airport.

“This is why we have defined a detailed protocol which further incorporates and upholds the authorities’ guidelines on airport safety and hygiene.

“This innovative Sanycar system has given us an extra layer of security by improving the level of hygiene and safety to benefit everyone who comes to Sardinia on vacation.”