A fleet of new luggage trolleys is being introduced at Edinburgh Airport.

A dedicated team has been created to manage the fleet and deliver an improved service for passengers, ensuring trolleys are available where needed.

As part of this a £1 charge will be introduced for usage and this will be payable by contactless at kiosks located at trolley bays across the campus.

Bays will be positioned in prominent areas including car parks, pick-up and drop-off areas, near tram and bus stops, and in the arrivals halls.

The charge will ensure the airport is able to provide the best service to those who use them, while also investing in future improvements across the terminal.

Trolleys will remain free to passengers with reduced mobility who have booked special assistance.

The trolleys will be supplied by Wanzl, the world's largest manufacturer of shopping trolleys and luggage trolleys.

The changes will be introduced on Monday, July 1 and the new trolleys will be in place for the airport’s busy summer season.

Adam Wilson, chief operating officer at Edinburgh Airport, said: “Bringing in this fleet of newer, better trolleys – and creating a team to manage their availability – will provide a far better experience for those passengers who need to use them.

“To deliver the new fleet, and ensure the trolleys are available to those who really need them, we have introduced a small charge similar to those you see at many other UK airports. This will help us deliver the best service to passengers who use them and invest in future improvements across the airport.”

Marc Radforth, sales and marketing director at Wanzl UK, said: "We at Wanzl UK are thrilled to provide Edinburgh Airport with our state-of-the-art luggage trolleys, complemented by our innovative vending passenger payment system.

“Our commitment to enhancing traveller convenience and efficiency is at the heart of this partnership, ensuring a seamless journey from check-in to take-off. Welcome to the future of airport mobility, where every trolley is more than a tool - it's part of a superior travel experience."

IMAGE CREDIT: VINCI Airports/Edinburgh Airport