Menzies Aviation has acquired Flystar Flight Support, a leading supplier of executive aviation services in the Balkans

The acquisition forms part of Menzies’ new independent venture, Pearl Executive Aviation. The new brand will offer premium ground handling services for private jets, VIP passengers and crew, providing a seamless and convenient experience at more than 25 locations across the globe. This includes a 24/7 operations control centre (OCC), which serves as the heart of Pearl’s operations, managing every aspect of its services, including 24/7 trip support and hospitality.

Menzies’ relationship with Flystar began in 2022, when it agreed a majority stake in the ground services company. Since then, Menzies has served more than 10,000 private jets, extending its services to new and existing customers.

Under the Pearl brand, Menzies’ long-established network of more than 50 Pearl Lounges will also undergo a redesign.

Philipp Joeinig, Group CEO, Menzies Aviation, said: “We are proud to announce the acquisition of Flystar, and the launch of our newest brand, Pearl Executive Aviation, which represents a bold step forward in the world of luxury travel. Our vision is to create unforgettable moments for passengers, minimising stress, maximising convenience and offering unparalleled comfort, privacy and personalised services that epitomise the essence of executive aviation.”

Ana Marojević, founder of Flystar and newly appointed VP executive aviation, Pearl, said: “I’m thrilled to partner with Menzies, and start this new chapter as Pearl Executive Aviation. Menzies is a world-leading aviation services provider with the geographical reach to help put Pearl on a global stage. Together, we are excited to expand our Executive Aviation services, offering passengers the very best premium travel experience.”

With Pearl, Menzies aims to minimise stress for passengers
With Pearl, Menzies aims to minimise stress for passengers Menzies Aviation