Menzies Aviation has renewed or won contracts across Australasia, with China Airlines, Fiji Airways, Virgin Australia, Thai Airways and Air Calin.

Logistics specialist Menzies has renewed its ground services contract with China Airlines at Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane airports, marking ten years since it started working with the airline. Menzies now provides above and below the wing services to China Airlines at Australia’s three busiest airports.

At Sydney and Melbourne airports, Menzies has also renewed a contract with Thai Airways, which will see it continue to provide passenger and ramp services for the airline.

In New Zealand, Menzies has agreed a further term with Fiji Airways to provide air cargo handling services at Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. Virgin Australia has also selected Menzies as its new cargo terminal operator (CTO) across all three stations.

Menzies will continue to be Air Calin’s CTO at both Auckland and Sydney airports, building on a 15-year partnership with New Caledonia’s national carrier.