Lödige Industries has completed an automated cold chain pallet-cargo system at Hong Kong International Airport.

Through its Hong Kong office, the German company, planned, manufactured and implemented the advanced system for AAT Coolport. The first on-airport cold chain facility in Hong Kong providing a complete temperature-controlled environment, AAT Coolport is operated by Asia Airfreight Terminal (AAT). Supported by the tailor-made pallet moving solution, the operator can maintain strictly regulated cold chains seamlessly.

The customised and automated material handling system is designed for fast and safe transport of temperature-sensitive goods inside the cold chain facility. Modern and climate-resistant sensors in combination with an enhanced maintenance and control system ensure an efficient and safe flow of fragile goods.

Lödige Industries was awarded the contract for the project because it met both the high-quality requirements for stringent cold chain regulations and was able to achieve short turnaround timelines. The market for temperature-sensitive goods, like pharmaceuticals, and perishables, is currently the strongest growing market in air freight worldwide. Given the rapid planning and implementation of the automated ULD handling system, AAT is able to meet the rapidly growing demand of its customers for temperature-sensitive air cargo as well as strict cold chain regulations.

“The sector for temperature-sensitive goods is becoming a very important market for our customers”, said Yammie Sin, chief marketing officer at Asia Airfreight Terminal. “Seamless compliance with cold chain regulations is enormously important, so we are investing in the most reliable and efficient equipment for our new cold storage facility Coolport. This also allows AAT to offer services that were previously unavailable at Hong Kong International Airport, such as temperature-controlled truck docks, and the ability to screen, build up and break down cargo entirely within a temperature-controlled environment.”

Image: Asia Airfreight Terminal