Iceland’s Keflavík Airport has deployed Veovo's Queue Balancer solution to optimise passenger flow and improve the transfer experience at its border control.

In collaboration with Veovo, Isavia, the Icelandic airport operator, has deployed the Queue Balancer solution at Keflavík International Airport to automate and dynamically balance the movement of local arriving and transferring passengers. By doing so, the airport aims to maximise resources, enhance throughput, improve passenger experience, and ensure on-time performance.

Using sensors and real-time data, Veovo's Queue Balancing solution automatically directs passengers through dynamic signage to the next available lane or counter, eliminating the need for staff-managed queue distribution. Upon entering the immigration hall, dedicated lines separate transfers and local arrivals, and displays guide passengers to the nearest available counters.

The solution intelligently calculates the most suitable line for passengers based on factors such as wait times, occupancy, and processing speed, thereby maximising throughput. Additionally, the system prioritises specific passenger categories if their queue time exceeds the service level target. For instance, when the predicted transfer queue time surpasses service levels, more transfer passengers are called forward to the holding zones, accelerating the overall process.

“Keflavik Airport is committed to delivering a seamless and stress-free experience for our passengers, and the Veovo Queue Balancer is an important part of this effort, said Gudmundur Gautason, director of business insight and customer excellence at Keflavík Airport. “We are confident that it will enhance our operational efficiency, improve on-time performance and reduce wait times for our transferring passengers, ensuring they reach their connecting flights on time.”

Image: Veovo