JFK Terminal One Group Association (TOGA) and Ink Innovation have expanded the Ink disaster recovery system (Ink DRS) at the New York terminal

TOGA, a partnership between Air France, Korean Air, and Lufthansa, trialled Ink’s system in a live environment last year to ensure smooth operations in the event of system failure. During the trial, Ink DRS demonstrated the ability for agents to quickly maintain operations and continue to process passengers and bags without the need for fixed airport infrastructure, including common use platforms.

Ink will now deploy the solution across the entire operation, helping to deliver operational resilience for the airport’s airline partners.

The deployment provides a common-use disaster recovery solution that protects the airport operation from predictable failures. It also helps airline partners to quickly regain control of the check-in and boarding process.

According to Ink, this initiative is crucial to JFK's effort to minimise disruptions during the redevelopment programme. “As JFK transforms into an international hub capable of accommodating 75 million passengers within the next decade, it is essential to address the challenges caused by construction, such as power outages and system failures,” said Blaine Powell, chief sales officer of Ink.

“Safeguarding the airlines’ operations at JFK Terminal One, including TOGA Airlines, is our top priority. Ink DRS’s ability to function independently from the traditional airport infrastructure ensures that our operations are robust and continuous," added Steve Rowland, executive director of JFK Terminal One.

Ink DRS is designed as a backup for airlines' departure control systems (DCS), enabling quick switching to Ink DRS when the primary system goes down. With Ink DRS capabilities to exchange passenger and baggage data with various airport systems, running fully on mobile, customers benefit from smooth operations during periods of disruption, such as power outages, systems failures, communication network disruption.

The solution will help ensure smooth operations during system failure
The solution will help ensure smooth operations during system failure Ink Innovation