ITA Airways and Catania Airport operator SAC have launched a face boarding testing phase at the Sicilian facility.

From next July, after checking in on the web or at the airport, all passengers on the ITA Airways’ Catania-Milan flight will be able to go to the "land side" of the departures area to use the innovative RECO WELCOME-KIOSK facial recognition machine. The machine will be used to associate their face with their electronic ID and boarding pass. Consequently, passengers will be able to pass more quickly through security checks and gate procedures by not having to show ID or a boarding pass.

Face Boarding, through advanced technologies, provides for the integration of computer vision and video analysis techniques, in order to implement biometric verification and identification scenarios. The technology is based on 'face recognition', capable of analysing in real time the travellers’ faces. It then lets them pass through the various security check-points until they reach the boarding gate at Catania airport, in 'hands free' mode i.e. without showing an identity document and/or boarding pass, greatly facilitating and speeding up the boarding process according to the press release.


Photo by Lukas Souza on Unsplash