ACI World’s annual ASQ Global Traveller Survey reveals the highest intention to travel among passengers since the beginning of the pandemic.

 For the third year, ACI World’s Airport Service Quality’s (ASQ) expertise in market research has been leveraged for the ASQ 2022 Global Traveller Survey to engage the views of travellers who travelled at least annually before the pandemic, and who have either travelled again during the crisis or are planning to travel again in the future. 

This year’s survey highlights the growing confidence of travellers in terms of returning to flying. It found that 76% of pre-pandemic travellers were planning to travel in 2021-2022, with 68% of them actioning their plans, and 86% of respondents planning to travel by air in the year to come. This is the highest intention score since the beginning of the pandemic. The removal or loosening of many barriers and crisis measures clearly contributed to these results, according to ACI World.

Travellers’ level of confidence that airports and airlines provide a safe environment has also increased compared to last year and is back to the 2020 level (81%).

Respondents’ perceptions of air travel, particularly their negative concerns, have shifted. Travellers are mainly concerned about the increased costs (77%) and complexity (75%) involved.

Almost three-quarters (71%) of respondents still expect airports to provide measures that keep them feeling safe, but their priority has shifted from masks to enhanced cleanliness, the survey found.
Other sources of concern about travelling relate to operational disruptions such as long waiting time and crowded airports.

ACI World director general Luis Felipe de Oliveira said: “It’s clear from the ASQ 2022 Global Traveller Survey that passengers have a high intention to travel and have confidence in the industry to provide a safe environment. While COVID-19 variants remain a concern for travellers, this year’s report provides new insights to understand current passenger expectations, refine their airport journey, and ensure that their needs are met.

“This third edition of the survey will drive the customer-centric approach the industry needs to take – listening to travellers and continuously improving.”

Completion of the report was supported by InterVISTAS/NACO, KONE, Plaza Premium Group, Idemia, and Boingo.

Image: Heathrow Airports Limited